Microbeads Are Bad For Our Waterways

I'm sure you've seen these products in the stores or on a commercial. Perhaps you even have them in your bathroom. It turns out those little scrubbers called "microbeads" are actually small pieces of plastic. Read the full story here to see how they are showing up in our waterways and what you can do about it.

Greening Your Campus in 5 Steps

Would you like your college campus to be a little greener? The article here gives you five simple ways to make that happen. On the list are: Bike Share Program Butterfly Garden Real Food Challenge Presidents Climate Commitment Upgrade Existing Infrastructure Read the full article here.

New Ford F-150 Truck – Built Ford Tough with Sustainable Design

My car driving experience up to this point has been primarily just that, cars. There was a brief time that I drove my parent’s Ford Econoline conversion van in high school. It was clunky to drive around the city and a little challenging to park, but ultimately it was a safe drive to my local destinations. Since then, I’ve been driving small to mid-size cars with some bells and whistles, and others just with the whistles. Last month, my company…

Tip of the Week - Don't buy bottled water

Last week I started off by introducing myself and putting a pretty general idea out there- be greener. Small steps, large steps whatever, lets just try to break a bad habit. Its pretty well known that in order to change habits we have to set goals and in order to set goals they have to be attainable. “Be greener” is too broad of a goal so I thought this week I could talk about a specific habit of mine that…

Introducing Our Newest Intern, Michelle

Before I get into my first assignment for Going Green Tampa, I would like to introduce myself to everyone and tell you about what I plan to write about. I am a senior majoring in environmental science and policy and I have to say I used to get annoyed when every time someone would ask me what my major is and I would give them that response they would get a furrowed brow and squinty eyes and they would say…
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