Falling Fruit Can Help You Locate Free Food

Could finding local fruit & more be right at your fingertips? Falling Fruit currently has a crowd-funding campaign to build a mobile app that would allow just that. Click here for more information.

Microbeads Are Bad For Our Waterways

I'm sure you've seen these products in the stores or on a commercial. Perhaps you even have them in your bathroom. It turns out those little scrubbers called "microbeads" are actually small pieces of plastic. Read the full story here to see how they are showing up in our waterways and what you can do about it.

Going Green Tampa Becomes Green Me Locally

Going Green Tampa is growing! We have built a new and enchanced website called Green Me Locally that encourages more community interaction and support. Be a voice for your local community and participate in the forums. Ask questions, comment on posts or provide knowledge on a topic that would benefit others in the community.Have an event? If you have an event that fits in with health/wellness topics or sustainability, register and add your event to the website.  Stay caught up on…

Greening Your Campus in 5 Steps

Would you like your college campus to be a little greener? The article here gives you five simple ways to make that happen. On the list are: Bike Share Program Butterfly Garden Real Food Challenge Presidents Climate Commitment Upgrade Existing Infrastructure Read the full article here.

Call to Action - Label Genetically Engineered Foods

We’re working to show our lawmakers in Tallahassee that there is broad support for labeling GE food. On Thursday, February 27 we’re organizing a statewide day of action with our partners. In Tampa we’re organizing a CALL IN-DAY to ask our local representatives to support the GE labeling bills. Make the calls from the comfort of your home! :)1. Janet Cruz (HD 62) (850) 717-5062Betty Reed (HD 61) (850) 717-50612. Let them know you’re a constituent3. Leave the following message…
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