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Going Green Tampa was established in 2010 with a mission to bring awareness to the surrounding Bay area community about local eco-friendly businesses, events and sustainable living. Out of this need, the GoingGreenTampa.com website was born and has since served as a one-stop online eco- directory full of businesses, events and educational resources that are both sustainable as well as local.

Going Green Tampa is continually evolving and has become more than just an online resource. We help educate our community about the important economic benefits of supporting our local green businesses and the environmental impacts of being a good environmental steward in the community. Most importantly, Going Green Tampa plays an active role in stimulating dialog among environmental and business leaders and the community. This in turn allows and promotes positive environmental change and opportunity for the Tampa Bay community.

As you may know, the local movement is happening all over the country and people are ready for an eco-friendly brand that can help them live a more sustainable lifestyle on the local level. People want to support their neighbors and know they can make a difference in their own economy. By supporting Going Green Tampa through advertising and corporate sponsorships, we will be able to continue our mission of engaging with like-minded locals, business leaders and environmental advocates. We also will be able to further locate and promote sustainable businesses and events, attend eco-educational events and help improve the quality of life and surrounding environment in the Bay area.

The benefits to the community are tenfold. Once eco-minded citizens are able to locate businesses and events in their own backyard that are sustainable and eco-friendly in nature, they are likely to spread the word and get involved with their community – no matter the income, social or ethnic backgrounds.

We thank you for your time and your support!

Tara LaSalla

Inspiration can sometimes be found in the most unusual ways. For Tara, it came in the form of a movie based on a Peter Benchley novel. Steven Spielberg's version of 'JAWS' became a worldwide phenomenon at the time, but unfortunately it also served to spread a great deal of misinformation about sharks.

Tara was fascinated by these creatures from a young age and throughout her schooling she realized that these fish were vital to the health of the world's oceans. This led her to attend Eckerd College in St Petersburg, FL where she received her degree in marine biology.

Tara currently resides in St. Petersburg, FL. She is the co-owner of Going Green Tampa and is an active community leader in the form of environmental and marine conservation and education. Her work with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Tampa Bay Watch and other local organizations continues to inspire those around her to protect our natural resources. She holds true to one of Mahatma Gandhi's principles: "Be the change you want to see in the world."


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  • Guest (Raphael)

    we run a local company here in Tampa called 1Forty-Four1. you can visit us at: www.1441.us for a bit of background information. We love where you are going w/ all of this and we want to create logistical avenues to support one another. For instance, we have an event during Veteran's Day weekend called "Going Green" that we'd love for you guys to be a part of in some shape, form or fashion. Please contact me via email at your convenience.

  • Guest (Sam Marquit)

    Hi I have a quick question about your blog. Could you please send me an email when you get a chance? Thanks!

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